Cookbook for Rocky Mountaineer




Eat Play Love: Regionally Inspired Cuisine
Copywriting and Content Development

This was one of the most fun and challenging projects of 2013. We were approached by Rocky Mountaineer’s creative agency to develop the copywriting and content for a cookbook. To capture the remarkable culinary journey offered aboard Rocky Mountaineer, renowned executive chefs Jean Pierre Guerin and Frédéric Couton compiled a collection of their favourite recipes. Our copywriter’s job was to work with a vast collection of inspired recipes and photos, and craft a story that would entice entice people to join the remarkable culinary journey onboard Rocky Mountaineer.

For this project we wanted the writing to be over the top, almost decadent. Reflecting the glamorous journey onboard the train required invoking our inner travel writer. Craggy mountains and crystalline streams became the backdrop for BC’s bountiful natural larder, a wonderland filled with everything from delicate wild mushrooms to farm fresh pork and chicken. We created bios for both chefs, regional write-ups, and plenty of mouthwatering descriptions for the recipes.


– Eat Play Love earned Canadian bestseller status
– The cookbook was recognized by the Gourmand International of Paris as the 2014 Culinary Travel: Cookbook of the Year

The Copy

Copywriting Sample from Redefine the Sweet Escape

No gourmet dinner would be complete without an assortment of savoury snacks and the sweet, sticky desserts that so wonderfully invoke recollections of childhood nostalgia. To create what many consider the magnum opus of a meal, Rocky Mountaineer chefs have recreated many classic desserts with a touch of imaginative whimsy. Gone are the silly frou-frou desserts, which typically feature something the size of macaroon on a plate filled with foam and laced with syrup. Instead, experience the comfortingly familiar flavours of decadent brownies, hot apple pie and refreshing strawberry shortcake. You could, of course, debate the merits of different desserts—but only after you stop chewing.