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Spice Radio
Brand and Web Development

Brand development for Spice Radio meant coming up with a concept with a bit of a kick. We knew the basic idea should revolve around communication, and we represented this through a stylized exclamation mark that would become the crux of the brand.

The circle was chosen to represent the well rounded content–music, culture, news, and entertainment. For colours, a chilli-sauce red turned up the heat, and we juxtaposed this with a cool blue in an alternate logo option. We completed the look by adding the radio frequency to increase recognition and help people identify the station.

The Elements

This project included developing a logo, a business card (for the parent company), and all written and graphic elements required to design and build the website on a WordPress platform.

View our web design.

Tag Lines

– We love making you happy.

– Truth, freedom, and music

– The best just keeps on getting better.