Brand Development for Winds of Change

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Winds of Change Consulting
Brand Development

To create an eye-catching brand, the Founder of Winds of Change envisioned a brand with lots and lots of colour! Since the corporate mindfulness programs at Winds of Change combine modern and ancient practices, we looked towards the chakras, part of an ancient Hindu wellness philosophy that’s strongly associated with a spectrum of vibrant colours.

For the background, we created the individual petals of a lotus flower to symbolize the rebirth of the body and mind. Finally, we added a strong seated figure to ground the image. With a beautiful business card, featuring a shiny UV ink spot, the initial stage of branding was complete.

The Elements

The full project scope included the development of a logo, tag line, stationery set, postcard, and all graphic and written elements required to design and build a WordPress website.

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Tag Line

Awake. Evolve. Thrive.