Hang Tag for Evolution Technologies




Evolution Technologies

Evolution Technologies wanted a hangtag to celebrate the fact they were bringing production back to Canada. We teamed up with their design team to create the copy for this tiny marketing masterpiece. To meet brand standards, we looked at existing content on their website:http://www.evolutionwalker.com/

We decided to create something that worked with the existing company tag: “with you every step of the way.” The end result needed to be concise, seamless, and readable while emphasising how this was a winning move both for the community and their clients.

The Copy

Tag Line

Committed to Canadians. A Philosophy That Stands Up.


At Evolution Technologies, we believe there is great value in supporting local economies. That’s why we’re taking on a leadership role and bringing production home. We’re proud to stand behind Canadian craftsmanship and support local workers, businesses, and communities. It’s just another way that we’re there with you every step of the way.