Voiceover Script for Envision Financial

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Envision Financial
Copywriting for Radio Advertising

To promote the 2.25% two-year term being offered, Envision Financial wanted to know “how do you envision your future?” This particular part of the campaign was aimed at South Asian audiences, so we created a script. We also acquired the voice talent translated the ad into Hindi and Punjabi, and produced the ad, which aired on Spice Radio.

The Script

Female Narrator Speaks in English:

How do you envision your future?

Speaker 1 (Elderly Man) in Hindi/Punjabi:

I want to buy a beautiful cottage with a garden and write about how I became a success in Canada.

Speaker 2 (Middle-aged woman) in Hindi/Punjabi:

My kids are going to the best University.

Speaker 3 (young man) in Hindi/Punjabi:

Someday I’m going to buy a boat and sail around the world.

Narrator in Hindi/Punjabi:

The Prime Rider is the new prime linked term deposit at Envision Financial, when the rates rise, so do your returns! We’re currently offering 2.25% on a two-year term—rates may be subject to change.

Narrator in English:

Whatever your future dream may be—our friendly, knowledgeable experts can help you along your way. Visit enviosionfinancial.ca today!

Listen to the finished ad.