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When NewspaperDirect rebranded as PressReader, they were looking for a fun, friendly, and approachable tone for their written content. We began by creating some catchy tag lines for a magazine print campaign. We then used their new brand guidelines to draft written content for a 60+ page website.

From quippy tags and callouts to detailed technical how-tos, we worked with PressReader’s Communications and Marketing departments to gather the relevant information. The final result was informative yet digestible content that would allow one of Vancouver’s greatest app success stories to to successfully move to its next chapter.

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The Copy

Sample from Library Solutions

Public Libraries today are in the midst of a major transition. As library patrons become more technology focussed and mobile oriented the pressure for public libraries to follow suit and offer improved digital services is increasing. With PressReader, public libraries can now meet the demands of today’s library patrons, while minimizing costs.

With a database of over 4000 well known newspapers and magazines, including the Washington Post, Business Traveler and Forbes Daily, PressReader is the ideal digital news resource for libraries seeking to offer their patrons a vast range of local regional, and international publications with enhanced digital features.