Web Copywriting for Taipan Resources

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Taipan Resources

Taipan Resources needed some copy to help people understand their innovative resource exploration model.

Our primary objective was to define and explain what distinguished Taipan from their competitors. We wanted this copywriting to have a thoughtful, intelligent tone while maintaining a natural and approachable flow. Through research and Skype meetings, we listened as board members identified their primary strengths, and then created the succinct, benefits driven copy they wanted necessary to attract investors.

The Copy

Home Page

At Taipan Resources, we are pursuing oil and gas reserves in developing nations. Some of today’s most valuable deposits exist in countries that face major barriers to resource development. With an established leadership team that’s proven in both exploration and project management, we continue to forge strategic alliances to help identify, acquire and develop these reserves. Our expansion strategy allows global communities to share in our success while targeting resilient and stable financial performance.

Our Values

As we focus on resource exploration and development, we are aware that many of our activities take place in or near sensitive environments. That’s why we’re committed to increasing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact as we contain our costs. By working with local governments, partners and policy makers, we can conduct operations in a way that’s respectful of communities and their environments. It’s our belief that any challenge can be addressed through innovation, collaboration and technology in order to preserve indigenous communities and habitats.