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Web Design and Copywriting

Airy and beautiful was the inspiration for the Curve website. Besides laying out all relevant information in a format that was convenient and enjoyable to read, we wanted the site to direct attention to the client’s stunning portfolio of work. We used vibrant punches of blue as an accent and even created a bunch of cute furniture icons to represent various services. Additionally, our copywriter created the tagline and all the written copy for the website. We like to think the final result speaks for itself.

Tag Line

Space. Balance. Harmony.

Copywriting Sample

Inspired Interior Design

As a full-service interior design agency in Vancouver, Curve Interiors brings a fresh and forward thinking perspective to all our clients. We focus on residential and commercial properties, championing design solutions that are modern, elegant, and timeless.

We believe that great interior design is born from understanding who you are−and giving form to that impression. From colour consultation to new home construction, our interior designers undertake every task with style, filling spaces with the luxurious colors, forms, and textures designed to make you look.

Through close collaboration with contractors, architects, and artisans, we work hard to ensure that all outcomes reflect our original intent. As advocates for happier, healthier living, we create spaces that are an indulgence and an investment.There’s a lot more we could say, but it all boils down to one key objective: we add value to properties while helping people lead more inspired and fulfilling lives.

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