Branding for Winds of Change

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Winds of Change Consulting
Web Design

Colour was the focus behind the Winds of Change website. Since there are a variety of programs, we created colourful icons that offered quick and easy access from the home page. The entire site was developed on a WordPress platform, since quick and easy updates were important to the client.

Tag Line

Your Journey Begins Here.

Copywriting Sample

Mindfulness Consultant, Jivi Cheema has always been fascinated by the interaction of mind, body, and spirit. People need all three to find fulfillment, and this is the key to creating a team filled with passion and purpose. Jivi holds a PhD in Organizational and Human Behaviour and an MBA in Leadership Studies. As one of BC’s longest practicing Corporate Mindfulness Consultants, she has pioneered programs and workshops that generate robust dialogue and allow team members to connect and thrive. Jivi started working inside the BC medical system but now extends her mindfulness programs to all industries and niches. Her unique spin on leadership and development allows her to navigate different challenges and come up with realistic solutions for common (and not so common) problems in the workplace.