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Copywriting and design are what we're passionate about. As a team of branders, builders, and beauty lovers, we're dedicated to creating the inspiring work that meets the vision of each and every client. We are leaders who understand the different aspects of business. Through a potent blend of copywriting, design, and technology, we create the stuff that gets you noticed and helps you grow.


Communicate, Motivate!

We believe the ultimate goal of any communication, written or visual, is clarity. That’s why we work to distill complex information into engaging, digestible content. In other words, we Keep It Simple, Silly or KISS. We understand that no matter what you’re looking for—a logo, business card, website, or copywriting—it’s vital for people to get what makes you stand out. Understanding your special niche is what allows us to craft the clear, purposeful messages that resonate with audiences and inspire them to take action.

Whatever we’re working on, we make it personal. With plenty of imagination, creativity, and intelligence, we collaborate to help you achieve success. We’ve already got a pretty nifty client list, but no matter what we accomplish, we try to stay humble. We know there’s always room for improvement, so we’re all about trying new things. From learning the latest programming language to stretching out in downward dog, we’re always looking for ways to grow as professionals and human beings.

We’re 100% locally owned and rather proud of that fact. As part of the hippest, friendliest, coffee drinking-est creative boutique this side of the Rockies, we work to help you achieve recognition and success. Our technique is simple. We take a genuine interest and rely on the tenets of great customer service in order to come up with the ideas, designs, and content that are simple—but never simplistic.


Testimonials and Featured Clients

  • Inkykiss was able to make our vision of a great website come to life! They are resourceful, responsive and cost-conscious!

    Dave Spalti, Pane-e-Formaggio 10/10 Freshbooks
  • These guys are awesome. They offer the best service and really worked hard to develop a website that worked for our brand.

    Massud Hafizi, Shawarma Palace 10/10 Freshbooks
  • Timely and professional. They really look after my business and we see tremendous results with their involvement.

    Holly Hastings, t-shirtprinting.ca 9/10 Freshbooks
  • We have worked with Inkykiss on multiple websites. We also use them for AdWords, and it’s one of our best investments!

    Steve Fisher, Rolex Plastics 10/10 Freshbooks
  • The customer service and the quality of work is impeccable. I have used them for my logo, business card and website.

    Harprit Patel, Always & Forever Weddings 10/10 Freshbooks

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Business Writers

Our writers marry professionalism and creativity. Since 2010, we’ve been teaming up with businesses, agencies, and organizations who want to distinguish themselves through great written content.

At Inkykiss, we’re not just  business writers, we brand with words. We understand that great business writing isn’t about weaving verbal tapestries, but helping people understand what it is you do—and why you’re better at it than anyone else.

As award-winning business writers, we know that getting someone to make a purchase, inquiry, or donation means providing them with an emotional hook—and a logical reason to take action. We call this the old one-two. From websites and voice-overs to press releases, blogs, brochures, and bios, we’ve done it all. In fact, we do it better.

We begin by establishing the right tone for your business before crafting a draft that includes your key selling features. Through a process of revision and review, our writers add polish and depth to your copy before it’s proofed by a professional editor.

We work with clients in Canada, the United States, and overseas. Our experience includes web copywriting, SEO copywriting, voiceover scripts, newsletters, brochures, taglines, blogs, press releases, banners, media kits, product descriptions, packaging labels, cookbooks, and HR documents. View our copywriting portfolio or get a free project quote by contacting us.


Web Design Services

Our web design services balance art and science. We're trained in all aspects of digital technology, including mobile tools and brand development. We create websites that are visually effective and engaging to draw traffic and grow your business. View our portfolio for web design services or get a free project quote.


Our web design blends strong visual identity with a compelling experience.


Through engaging content, we let everyone know who you are and what you do.


All our websites are responsive and work across different platforms and mobile devices.


Ask us how we can help capture more visitors and traffic through SEO, blog writing, and AdWords.


Brand Design

Brand design is how we help you reach your audience and communicate your values. Through creative design and thoughtful messaging, we'll create an identity that grabs people's attention to help grow your business.

Brand design isn’t just about looking good. It’s how you share your core values and reach your preferred clients. Using our proven brand design process, we will guide you through simple steps that allow us to create a logo, website, and other identity materials you’ll be proud to share.

Our copywriters, designers, and marketers work collaboratively to research and understand your niche. As experienced brand stylists, we reject the short term and faddy in favour of classic ideas and concepts that offer long term value.

Through clear and purposeful messaging, we’ll build a powerful strategic foundation that allows your business to thrive and grow. Our brand design experience includes vision and mission statements, logo design, websites, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, packaging, menu design, brand standards guides, and display booths. View our branding portfolio or get a quote.


Social Media Marketing

Social media and AdWords are both great strategies to attract attention and grow your business. But running a successful campaign shouldn’t detract from actually running your business! At Inkykiss, we can help you create and execute a strategy that’s tailored to your business. Besides saving you time, we also provide monthly reports to help you understand and gauge how your campaign is performing. Let’s collaborate. To schedule a free consultation, please contact us.














What can we do for you? Just about anything! Take a look at some of our work.


Nita Naidoo

Founder | Senior Copywriter

Nita is the head Copywriter and Founder of Inkykiss Communications. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Nita’s childhood memories mostly resemble one big snowball, but that’s okay when you have a penchant for frosty days and hot chocolate.

After laughter-filled school days dotted with mall crawls and snowball fights, Nita packed up her bags and headed from Cranbrook to the University of Victoria. As a natural dabbler, Nita enjoyed wide variety of classes until her counselor caught up and insisted she pick a major. It was then that the would-be Scrabble champion and grammar Nazi was truly born. Nita decided to focus on Communications with an emphasis in Business Writing.

After graduation, Nita completed a two-year postgraduate certificate in Editing and Publishing from Simon Fraser University. She worked as a book editor and a newspaper columnist before joining an ad agency that allowed her to collaborate with brands like Bose, Siemens, and Cenovus. Today, she is an award-winning copywriter whose clients include organizations like UBC, Rocky Mountaineer, and PressReader.

As the Senior Copywriter and Creative Director of Inkykiss Communications, Nita works with clients from a variety of industries. She relies on the tenets of solid communication and great customer service in order to create the materials that inform and inspire. However, her passion is a reflection of her own small business upbringing, and she derives tremendous satisfaction from helping others to succeed and grow.

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